Wednesday, July 8, 2009


When you go out to lunch, refuse the plastic bag. Do you really need it for your 4 block walk? Didn't think so.

On a separate note, a sad (but witty) entry on Mark Morford's column today from

"Maybe you thought it might be otherwise. Maybe you thought the tide was finally turning, given all the focus lo these past years on health and exercise, on improving the diet and buying organic and eating locally, the hot success of "Omnivore's Dilemma" and "Food, Inc" and all the rest, not to mention a shiny overpriced Whole Foods on every street corner and farmer's markets flourishing in every small town and the outright command to eat well splayed across the cover of every copy of "O" magazine.

How adorable you are, with your sweet utopian naiveté. Turns out the American diet has not really improved one iota, is just as gluttonous, sugary, chemical-blasted, heart-diseased, fatty, bloated and death-inviting as ever. We have not learned a thing. Yay America!"

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  1. what was Mark Morford referring to? He's lumping a lot of things together that are actually different and being pessimistic about all of them equally, I just don't know what spurred his rampage, but I'd like to...