Monday, July 6, 2009

This won't hurt. I'm serious...

I'm back in the blogosphere. (God I hate that word.) But this time it's not for narcissistic ramblings - it has a point. I have a simple goal: convince people that living in a more honest, sustainable way is not only healthier, cheaper and more conscientious than the alternative, but will have an actual impact on their quality of life. Because talking about making hard decisions that MIGHT save some whales in 20 years won't work.

As John Vucetich, assistant professor of animal ecology at Michigan Technological University, and Michael Nelson, associate professor of environmental ethics at Michigan State University said:

"Instead of hope, we need to provide young people with reasons to live sustainably that are rational and effective. We need to lift up examples of sustainable living motivated by virtue more than by a dubious belief that such actions will avert environmental disaster."

I'm going to focus this blog on one aspect of the whole issue: Food. And my first piece of advice is this: Go see the movie "Food, Inc." Here are showtimes:

It's an easy first step in understanding how you can make a huge huge difference, three times a day.


  1. I will definitely be following this blog. Thanks for doing this.